La Tortilleria

“La Tortilleria tortillas are made in Australia using the nixtamal process, an ancient craft that creates a healthier and tastier tortilla. They use the whole kernels rather than a processed corn flour, which makes a stronger tortilla and celebrates the natural flavour of the corn.

The La Tortilleria range of authentic Mexican products are gluten free, preservative free, non GMO, wholegrain and contain zero trans fats. They source local produce and celebrate Mexican cuisine and tradition in everything we make.”

They stone-grind Australian-grown corn in our traditional Mexican mill, then bake our tortillas fresh daily to create a product that is: “” Gluten Free “” Preservative Free “” Non-GMO “” Low Fat & Trans Fat Free “” Vegan “” 100% Locally-Made from Australian Ingredients La Tortilleria is run by passionate Mexican immigrant Gerardo Lopez, and Australian-born Mexican-food-enthusiast Diana Hull. Gerado also has a series airing on Channel 10 called “”This is Mexico””