Mikawa Mirin

The first generation owner established the brewery in 1910 to produce Mirin and Shochu. Located in Aichi prefecture, Mikawa Jozo today specializes in Mirin and Umeshu (plum liqueur). Their Mirin is made traditionally with just glutinous rice, Koji, and Shochu (made with the rice mash left from making Mirin), and fermented for two years until the alcohol level is around 14%. Even in Japan, most of the Mirin available in the market is Mirin-fu Chomiryou, which is a low alcohol blend of added sugar (such as corn syrup), rice and Koji. Hon-Mirin refers to real Mirin, but even most of the Hon-Mirin available these days are made using modern techniques, with white liquor, some sort of sweetener, and is only fermented for 40-60 days.